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abe katsman

Abe Katsman is an American attorney, consultant and political writer living in Jerusalem.  His columns are carried in several newspapers and political websites in both Israel and America, and he is a popular guest on American talk radio discussing Israel and American foreign policy.  He serves as Counsel to Republicans Overseas Israel.

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Political commentary, writing and speaking

Abe writes frequent opinion and analysis columns on U.S. politics relating to Middle East policy, as well as explaining Israeli politics to American audiences.  His columns appear in the Jerusalem Post, Ha’aretz, Israel Hayom, the Forward, The Times of Israel, The Daily Beast, American Thinker, Front Page Magazine, Breitbart and other publications.

Abe is a frequent Israel-based guest on American news/talk national radio shows, including those of John McCaslin, Andrea Tantaros, Rusty Humphries, John Batchelor, and Chris Salcedo.  He also appears weekly with Chris Hart on Orlando’s 660 WORL News/Talk Radio.

In addition, he is Counsel to Republicans Overseas Israel, serving as spokesman to Israeli and international media, representing Republican positions in political debates and television, radio and newspaper interviews.

He also assists public figures in Israel in writing their own English-language political opinion columns.

While this site focuses on Abe’s political work and writing, he also is an American-licensed lawyer advising clients in both Israel and the U.S.

Legal consultant/outside counsel

Abe also serves as a consultant to companies and attorneys in the U.S. and Israel, including providing expert opinions on U.S. law for Israeli courts, managing U.S. litigation for Israeli clients, and assisting in litigation for U.S. clients, including appellate work.

Through 2008, Abe worked as an attorney at Bernstein Liebhard in New York City.  Named “Of Counsel” in 2006, he specializes in complex securities class action litigation, derivative actions and antitrust litigation. He has extensive experience drafting briefs and motions submitted primarily to federal district and circuit courts, as well as drafting briefs for two successful appeals in the Delaware Supreme Court; arguing motions in state and federal courts; researching and writing memoranda on securities law issues; conducting and defending depositions and participating in other pre-trial discovery and settlement proceedings; and working closely with economic/financial experts on economic damages analyses and reports.

Since moving to Israel, his practice areas have expanded to include employment law, commercial contract drafting and negotiation, general commercial litigation and appeals and corporate governance litigation.

He has been retained to submit expert opinions on American law in several cases in Israeli courts, especially regarding corporate law and fiduciary duties of corporate officers and directors.

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