The Israeli Election Winner is… William F. Buckley!

This column was originally published in The American Thinker.

“There is a future”  (Yesh Atid) is not a bad name for this party with no past: every one of the newly elected MKs is new to national politics.  Israel has taken a step toward citizen government.

Explaining Israeli election results to an American audience is always a challenge. But this time, that challenge is compounded by having to explain the explanations. Even by famously contentious Israeli standards, interpretations of the results are all over the map. Continue reading

God is Great. But Not Part of Obama’s Understanding of the Middle East

Obama is of a more secularized and progressive world. His urbane, liberal, intellectual circles are embarrassed by God-talk. Such sophisticates might be God-conscious for a few hours of religious service on a weekend or holiday, but God is largely kept confined to houses of worship. God is banished from any enlightened intellectual or international political discussion.  
Such secularism, however, may cloud geopolitical vision:  th

e Mideast is flammably not secular, filled with people who live and breathe their incompatible respective understandings of God’s word. Continue reading