The “Strong Horse” Falters: the Egyptian Coup and the Challenge to Islamism

The failure to hold Egypt is cataclysmic for a movement which feeds off its own success.  The shattered sense of Muslim Brotherhood invincibility and inevitability poses a major problem for continued Islamist growth and popular support. The invincible strong horse just broke a leg. Continue reading

Leaks as Political Theater

Americans of all stripes take national security seriously. Even prominent Democrats are irate: Senator Dianne Feinstein complained that the “avalanche” of leaks is compromising America’s security and intelligence capabilities. Voters understand that secure information is a national asset, not a campaign asset.
This administration treats classified information as if it’s part of Obama’s own campaign war chest, to be spent whenever most politically advantageous. 
In matters of national security, the best politics is no politics” — former Democratic Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson.
Sorry, Senator. That’s honorable, but it’s apparently not how things work anymore. Continue reading