The Democrats of 2012: For Israel, Is the Party Over?

This column was originally published in American Thinker magazine.

While Israel faces existential doomsday, the Democratic party– certainly the convention — seems firmly under the control of those ambivalent about, if not outright hostile to, the Jewish State and its people.

As the Democratic National Convention proceeds, watching the degradation of a once-great, once pro-Israel party is as sad as it is alarming.  Continue reading

Tampa Journal: Observations from the Republican Convention

This column was originally published in The Jerusalem Post.

Israel is a hot topic here, and support for Israel (and criticism of President Barack Obama’s treatment of Israel) seems to run across the board. I’ve done radio interviews here with hosts who are more enthusiastic Zionists than I am–and I live there.

These are people with an attachment to Israel that runs deep, and they are excited discuss it. There is no better opening line in this group than saying, “Hi, I’m Abe, from Republicans Abroad Israel.”

It is fascinating to attend this year’s Republican National Convention as a representative of Republicans Abroad Israel. Continue reading

Barack Obama: No Better Friend in the World (to Russia)

This column was originally published in American Thinker magazine.

Since the “Reset,” Russia has blackmailed Europe and the Ukraine with periodic stoppages of critical natural gas shipments.  The Kremlin has repeatedly blocked or evaded sanctions against Iran and Syria while selling Iran advanced weaponry and ensuring that Syria is armed sufficiently to massacre its people.  Russian bombers simulate attacks against America while violating U.S. airspace, while armed Russian attack submarines operate in U.S. waters, and Putin turns human rights back a generation, liquidating and imprisoning political opponents. Continue reading

The “Opposite” of Obama: a Primer for Democrats

This column was originally published in The Jerusalem Post.

The Obama administration has distinguished itself by innumerable calculated insults and slights designed to show “daylight” between Obama’s America and Israel.  I ask those defenders of Obama’s Israel record: would you have a problem with the “opposite” of the following partial list of incidents?

In June, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told an audience of Christian conservatives that he would do the “opposite” of what US President Barack Obama has done in terms of Israel. “I think, by and large, you can just look at the things the president has done and do the opposite.” Romney explained that his “overarching” message was that “I would not want to show a dime’s worth of distance between ourselves and our allies like Israel. If we have disagreements, we can talk about them behind closed doors. But to the world, you show that we’re locked arm-in-arm.”

Did anyone not understand what Romney meant? Continue reading

Are You Better Off Today Than You Were Four Years Ago? Yes!

This column was originally published in FrontPage magazine.

For many, Obama’s term has brought tremendous success. Following are just some of the big winners who would answer the are-you-better-off-today question with a resounding “Yes!”

(Iran, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Russia, China, North Korea, the Taliban…)    Continue reading

Big Trouble For Obama: Lessons of Presidential Reelection History

This column was originally published in The Times of Israel.

Only nine incumbents have lost bids for reelection.  But if America continues its pattern of only reelecting presidents by a wider margin than that of their first term, Obama is about to become number 10.

Let’s take a short break from the back-and-forth arguments on the merits of whether to reelect President Barack Obama or to send him packing after one term.  Instead, here’s a different take on how the election is shaping up based on some compelling history and demographic analysis.  (Spoiler alert: this analysis does not bode well for the Democrats.) Continue reading

Leaks as Political Theater

Americans of all stripes take national security seriously. Even prominent Democrats are irate: Senator Dianne Feinstein complained that the “avalanche” of leaks is compromising America’s security and intelligence capabilities. Voters understand that secure information is a national asset, not a campaign asset.
This administration treats classified information as if it’s part of Obama’s own campaign war chest, to be spent whenever most politically advantageous. 
In matters of national security, the best politics is no politics” — former Democratic Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson.
Sorry, Senator. That’s honorable, but it’s apparently not how things work anymore. Continue reading

His Rabbis: How Obama got to “know more about Judaism than any other president.”

This column was originally published in The Jerusalem Post.


We are left with the disturbing likelihood that Obama’s education regarding Jewish theology, history and Zionism has come from three primary influences in his adult life: activist Rabbi Arnold Wolf, Reverend Jeremiah Wright and formerly Beirut-based PLO flak Dr. Rashid Khalidi.

The backlash didn’t take long.
Within hours of President Barack Obama declaring to a group of Conservative Jews that he “probably knows more about Judaism than any other president” – a result, he claimed, of reading and having lots of Jewish friends – the blogosphere was ablaze with pointed refutations. Continue reading

US expats in Israel and Obamacare

This column was originally published in Israel Hayom.

Americans abroad, take note: If the mandate is upheld, there is nothing to stop the American government from applying it to you, too–including fines/taxes up to $1,900 per family per year–regardless of whether you are involved in the U.S. economy in any way, simply by virtue of your citizenship. Continue reading

Seven Minutes: The Limits Of Obama’s Pro-Israel Pronouncements

Obama told Jewish supporters: “This administration — I try not to pat myself too much on the back — but this administration has done more in terms of the security of the State of Israel than any previous administration.”
Stop laughing; he actually said it with a straight face. 
A seven-minute Israel-loves-Obama promotional video?  Is that the best this administration can do?  Perhaps it’s time for an administration whose pro-Israel record will last more than seven minutes. Continue reading